Thanks for checking out the workshops! Come join us.

There are 2 workshops available at the moment:

Quilt Making Workshop Sunday 11th September 2022 10am-5pm

Abstract Quilted Wallhanging Workshop Sunday 9th October 2022 11.30am-5pm

If you'd like to register your interest in future workshops just drop me a line here:

Bricolage Workshop testimonials
'As a participant on a Bricolage Quilt workshop I was delighted with the quilt I made. Sinead is a talented + generous tutor sharing her skills + knowledge freely, in a size of class which enables her to give time to everyone'
'Bricolage quilting workshops are a refreshing way to learn about quilting, in a relaxed environment, with a skillful + knowledgeable teacher. Sinead demonstrates techniques + methods to allow you to complete a quilt from start to finish. I am happily moving on to new stages of my quilting journey!'