A hand-quilted quilt should only be washed when really necessary. An annual airing of the quilts was an oldtime ritual, and there’s a lot to be said for it. If possible hang the quilt outside and allow the natural wind to do the work for you.

If you do need to wash the quilt it is preferable to do it by hand, to respect the long hours of work that went into its making. You can soak it in the bath using cold water only and a mild, natural soap. Do not wring the quilt tightly, but gently instead.
Line dry and be extra careful when line drying larger quilts. The weight of the water in the quilt can cause the stitches to pop on the line so try to hold the bottom of the quilt up with a chair to support its weight, or if you have the climate, lay the quilt on a white cotton sheet on the grass to dry. Never put a Bricolage quilt in the tumble dryer.

Storage: When not in use store your quilt in a dry, dark location in the linen bag provided. Never store your quilt in a plastic bag or cardboard box. It is a good idea to take the quilt out every two months or so and refold it another way before putting it back in the bag. When you take your quilt out of storage to use, let it air on the line outdoors.

Compared with synthetic dyes, items containing natural dyes may fade more quickly. To ensure their longevity,  please keep out of natural sunlight and clean using mild natural soaps only.